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At Scenarist Productions, we believe that great ​storytelling is a team effort. Our development ​team is comprised of talented industry ​professionals who bring a diverse range of ​experiences and perspectives to every project. ​Together, we work closely to ensure that every ​script not only meets industry standards but ​pushes creative boundaries. Our team’s ​collaborative spirit and dedication to ​excellence are what make our projects stand out.

Meet Our

Lead Scenarist

Our Lead scenarist

Scenarist Productions is owned by Majid B. Muhsin, a ​former TV personality turned screenwriter and series ​creator. Majid holds a PhD in conflict analysis and ​resolution, enriching his storytelling with a deep ​understanding of conflict dynamics.

No Conflict, No Drama

Majid is passionate about crafting stories that are driven ​forward by conflict, believing it to be the essence of ​good storytelling. He utilizes his expertise to create ​narratives that are both gripping and informative.


Majid is a nomadic writer who finds himself on the move ​more often than he would like. He currently splits his ​time between Paris and South Florida.

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Whether starting from scratch or developing ​an existing idea, our script writing service ​transforms visions into finely crafted ​screenplays. We work closely with clients to ​ensure that the narrative structure, ​character development, and dialogue reflect ​the intended vision and engage audiences ​effectively.

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